Month: March 2023

Soulsby Chair visits Fellows in Nairobi

soulsby chair and fellows

Left to right: Shauna Richards, Rose Manyu, Wellington Ekaya, Hung Nyugen, Lian Thomas, Judy MacArthur Clark,
David Clark, Olga Calatayud, George Oluoch, Bernard Bett

Judy MacArthur Clark, Chair of the Soulsby Foundation Board, writes: “Last October, my husband and I went on safari in Kenya, so we took the opportunity to visit Soulsby Fellows in Nairobi. Many thanks to Lian Thomas (Fellow 2019) for arranging our visit to the One Health Centre in Africa (OHRECA) at ILRI in Nairobi. Our visit was hosted by Dr Hung Nyugen, and we were joined by Olga Calatayud (Fellow 2022) who was visiting ILRI to analyse samples as part of her Fellowship project on parvoviruses in East African wildlife.