Criteria for Fellowships

The selection of successful applicants will be made by the Trustees of the Foundation. Applicants for a Soulsby Fellowship should be able to satisfy the Trustees of the following essential criteria:

  • Hold a degree in either human or veterinary medicine;
  • Be affiliated with a biomedically relevant UK, EU, North American or Australasian academic institution (the Affiliated Institution); and
  • Be seeking to conduct a project (the Project), normally overseas, in a field related to “One Health” and be able to describe the Project, and potential outcomes and impact of the Project, in detail.

In addition, the Trustees consider the following to be desirable criteria which will strengthen an application:

  • To have already established relevant contacts in the location where the Project will be conducted and be able to provide written confirmation of this (e.g. invitation, references, etc.); and
  • To demonstrate a likelihood of attracting further funding from other sources as a consequence of being awarded a Soulsby Fellowship to enable The Project to be expanded in an appropriate manner in line with the overall theme of “One Health” internationally;

It is expected that Soulsby Fellows will have other sources of funding to cover salary and other major expenses (e.g. laboratory and research costs) during their Project. The Soulsby Fellowship is primarily intended to cover travel and subsistence for the period of the Project.  Any proposal should show the full cost of the Project, indicate clearly how much of the cost is being sought from the Soulsby Foundation, and identify other sources of funding which have been, or will be, approached.

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