Conflict of Interest Policy

Soulsby Foundation – Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflicts of interest arise when an individual or group of individuals have material interests outside of their association with the Soulsby Foundation that may, or may appear, to have the potential to influence their participation with the Soulsby Foundation.

The Soulsby Foundation is stringent in its avoidance of any inappropriate commercial or other influence that a participant may have with regard to any content we produce. This includes all current or pending affiliations for each participant involved.

What are Conflicts of Interest?

Conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Income or other personal gain from employment relevant to the topic
  • Provision of a product or service related to the reported content
  • Consultative relationships (for example as a member of a scientific advisory board) with an institution related to the topic
  • Current or potential external funding to the individual or their associated organisation/institution relating to the topic (for example if you have received a grant)
  • Patents or licenses held by the participant in relation to the topic
  • Any current or potential royalties in relation to the topic

What should I do if I have a Conflict of Interest?

Having a conflict of interest does not necessarily affect eligibility for participation. The Soulsby Foundation appreciates that varying degrees of conflict can exist. Therefore, all potential conflicts of interests must be reported to the Soulsby Foundation so an assessment can be made to see if they preclude the individual’s involvement with a particular activity. In obtaining this information, the Soulsby Foundation may require the addition of a footnote disclosing the conflict, which would then be added to any relevant documentation.