Process for assessing applications

The completed application form and two written references must be received by the Secretariat before midnight GMT on the closing date indicated. The schedule for assessing applications normally spans up to five months from the application closing date as follows:

  • All applications are checked to ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria, including two written references received.
  • During the next two months: All eligible applications are anonymised, and an initial assessment conducted by at least two reviewers.
  • Once assessed, the Trustees meet, and an interview shortlist is agreed. The personal details of the applicant including their Personal Statement and references are considered at this point. Rejected applicants are notified in writing.
  • Interviews of shortlisted applicants are conducted, normally online (e.g., Zoom), and a final shortlist is prepared.
  • Further enquiries may be sent to the final shortlisted applicants and/or their referees.
  • Final decision is taken by the Trustees. Rejected interviewees are notified in writing.
  • Successful applicant(s) are notified in writing and award(s) are announced.

Successful applicants join the Community of Fellows, an active peer group which holds regular virtual meetings where they share their experiences and provide mutual support. The Community is also an important source of advice to the Board of Trustees and is represented at Board meetings.

Soulsby Fellows will be required to provide a report to the Trustees within twelve months of Project completion. This must be in a form agreed with the Trustees. Examples may be a published paper, the script/visual material of an invited presentation, or a written report to the Trustees prepared specifically for the purpose. The Trustees may withhold part of the Fellowship funds pending receipt of a satisfactory report.

Any publication or presentation arising from the Project must acknowledge the source of funding in the agreed format. A copy must also be provided to the Trustees. 

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