Process for selecting recipients

Process for Selecting Recipients of Soulsby Fellowships

The following process will be followed in selecting the successful applicants for Soulsby Fellowships:

  1. Applications for Soulsby Fellowships must be submitted electronically (by email to [email protected]) and received before the advertised deadline using the application form on the Foundation’s website. The Trustees reserve the right to extend the advertised deadline should they choose to for any reason. If the deadline is extended, the new deadline will be announced on the Foundation’s website. No additional documents should be attached – the Board will request these should they be required. You should receive acknowledgement that we’ve received your application within ten working days of submission. If you do not hear from us, please send an email to [email protected]
  2. Each application which complies with the ‘Essential Criteria for Fellowships’ will be assessed and scored by at least two reviewers. At least one reviewer will be a Board member. All Board members are eligible to review all applications. External (non-Board member) reviewers may be co-opted to assess and score applications when additional expertise is required.
  3. All reviewers (whether Board members or co-opted) are subject to the Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy. Conflict of Interest Policy can be found here. Therefore, they are required to declare any matters that may, or may appear to, have the potential to influence their review of any application. If the Chair has a potential conflict for a particular application, another Board member will chair that assessment/interview.
  4. The criteria for the reviewers’ assessment and scoring of applications will include:
    1. Relevance to the ‘Desirable Criteria for Fellowships’
    2. Quality of proposal
    3. Likelihood of successful outcome of the Proposed Project
  5. The reviewers’ assessments, including their scores and comments, will be considered and ranked by a meeting of the Board. The highest ranking applicants (normally up to six) will be invited for interview. Letters of rejection will be sent to all other applicants.
  6. Interviews will normally be conducted by phone or internet and will involve at least two interviewers, at least one of whom will be a Board member. An agreed set of questions will be asked of each interviewee and further supplementary questions may be asked. Each interviewer will provide a report to the Board.
  7. The Board will determine the recipient(s) of Fellowships based upon the reports of interviews in addition to the applications and reviewers’ comments and scores. Letters of rejection will be sent to the unsuccessful interviewees. In all cases, the Board’s decision is final and no further correspondence with unsuccessful applicants will be entertained.
  8. Successful applicants who become recipients of Fellowships may adopt the title “Soulsby Fellow” from the date of signing their agreement to the terms and conditions of the Fellowship. No other individuals may adopt this title.
  9. In the interests of transparency, this selection process is published on the Foundation’s website